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Installing Bat in Ubuntu Windows WSL

Downloading bat

I migrated to Windows and when I was installing Ubuntu through WSL I missed some tools that I have in my current MacBook, BAT was one of them. So as soon as I found a couple of guides online, here I will try to leave it as a reminder and with simple steps.
First, open your Windows Terminal (with Ubuntu) and search for the latest version on GitHub . It was 0.22.1 for me.
Then check if you have wget working. The most common way to do it is checking it with wget --version, else use the following script:
sudo apt-get install wget
Now you can download Bat with the following script, remember replacing VERSION by the latest version that you saw on Github.
# If we use 0.22.1 e.g:
# wget

Installing it using dpkg

Then you can use dpkg to install Debian packages
sudo dpkg -i bat_0.22.1_amd64.deb
And that’s all, now you can use bat to see the content of your files inside the terminal.
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Written by Helmer Davila