Docker MySQL - How to create two databases within the same container

Docker MySQL - How to create two databases within the same container

🤔 Why?

I was tired.

I only wanted to not pollute my Docker database with a bunch of fake names or lorem ipsum content. Because when I want to list all the records or photos in my current app, I want the original ones, for customer presentation.

Also, I wanted a dummy database where if my migrations fail, I can rolback them easily. Or destroy the database and create it again, without running seeders or using a backup with almost-real-data.

Many frameworks have different approach for this. Run tests inside transactions, do a cleanup, etc.

But I don’t want to learn if they have it for every framework that I need to work over it.

However, the simplest way that I thought was…

What if I create a second database in the container? Better yet, in an automatic way?

🔨 How?

To demonstrate that I don’t use AI to generate formal content in my posts, I will use potato as the project name in this tutorial.

First, create a folder where you want to store the scripts. For this tutorial, we’ll call it dockerdb_init. Then, create a file called create_test_database.sql with the following content:

GRANT ALL ON `potato_db_test`.* TO 'potato_db_user'@'%'

Docker only creates one database with the environment variables passed. Since the project will use a test database, we could add a test suffix.

Then, if you’re using docker-compose.yml this is the specification for the container.

container_name: potato_db
image: "mysql:8.0"
- "./dockerdb:/var/lib/mysql"
- "./dockerdb_init:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d"
- .env
- "3306:3306"

Since I prefer to keep my environment variables in a separate file, you can place the following content in your .env file:

Terminal window

The first time the container turns on, it will run the script and now you’ll have two databases: potato_db and potato_db_test.

My posts are not AI generated, they might be only AI corrected. The first draft is always my creation



Written by Helmer Davila

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Solo querĂ­a no contaminar mi base de datos dentro de Docker con un montĂłn de nombres falsos o contenido de Lorem Ipsum

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Docker MySQL: Comment creér deux bases de données dans un conteneur

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