CPanel SSL: Issue free certificates in a non-root server

CPanel SSL: Issue free certificates in a non-root server

Since some shared hosting providers are tied to an option to buy a SSL certificate, with the help of the script, you can issue free SSL certificates following the instructions:

📈 Go to the Terminal into your CPanel or SSH there


⬇️ Get the script

Terminal window
curl | sh

🔃 Refresh the terminal

Re-enter to the terminal or simply run

Terminal window
source ~/.bashrc

✉️ Register your email with the certificate

Terminal window --register-account --accountemail

⏰ Check if cronjob was enabled by acme

Terminal window
crontab -l | grep

The above command should output something like:

Terminal window
10 0 * * * “/home/*YOUR_CPANEL_USER*/”/ -- cron -- home “/home/*YOUR_CPANEL_USER*/” > /dev/null

📦 Set the domain variables in the terminal

Terminal window
# Press enter and write then
# Don't forget to press enter again

🔑 Testing if the certificate generation works

Before testing if generate the certificate is allowed, you need the path of the domain / subdomain from your Cpanel. Execute the following command and you’ll get the path

Terminal window
export DOMAINPATH=$(uapi DomainInfo single_domain_data domain=$DOMAIN | grep documentroot| cut -d " " -f 6)

The result will be stored into DOMAINPATH

Then, you can use Acme to generate a STAGING certificate

Terminal window --issue --webroot ${DOMAINPATH} -d ${DOMAIN} -d ${WWWDOMAIN} --staging

Remember to only add -d $WWWDOMAIN, if you are using a www alias for your domain

If you receive green checks / messages. Congrats! You’re able to generate certificates into your Cpanel account.

🍄 Generating a real SSL certificate

Terminal window --issue --webroot ${DOMAINPATH} -d ${DOMAIN} -d ${WWWDOMAIN} --force

➕ Add your certificate to Cpanel

Terminal window --deploy --deploy-hook cpanel_uapi --domain ${DOMAIN} --domain ${WWWDOMAIN}

Remember, you’ll need to repeat each step from step “Set the domain variables in the terminal” and forward by each domain / subdomain whenever you add it.

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